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Profi is the financial management module of the platform. Its main objectives are to simplify processes and to reduce the processing time for the down payment requests of the different collaborators of a project. (Public or private contracts).

It ensures the financial tracking of the project through the input, the control and the processing of the down payments status of the different service providers. It also optimises the process by completely dematerialising the down payment request all the way to its final validation.

All kind of contracts are covered and configured in the platform at the beginning of the operation by a GESPRO contact. From the creation of users accounts to the recording of the financial parameters for all the contracts (Initial creation of the contract, additional clauses, service orders, alteration works records, DC4..), the GESPRO contact is the user's privileged interlocutor during the whole operation.

Profi is interfaced with CHORUS Pro so as to automate the dematerialised deposits.


From the input of a payment project to its final validation, everything is made to make the process easier for all collaborators.

1. Payment project input by the service provider
2. Verification / Processing of the payment project:

  • Instant display of the modified posts for the ongoing month
  • Automated calculation (eg : price revisions)
  • Generation of the documents to be sent(Down payment status, supporting documents)
  • Timestamping of the validations and the transmitted documents
3. Validation and generation of "definitive" documents

From the company's request, all the way to the final payment, everything is indexed and timestamped in the request's details. These details are availbale for consultation by all the collaborators in the validation chain as defined for the contract.

Aperçu des demandes d'acomptes dans Profi


The collaborators (in charge of verification, Contractor, Contracting Authority) can view the tracking table for the contracts of which they have the charge. The table indicates the works status based on the time period defined during the project set-up. Therefore, it is possible to know on a glance, the remaining processing time or where the process is stuck. An email alert can be set to warn about lateness.
This tool truely helps the contractor in respecting payment periods.

At any time, the impact of the down payments and additional clauses is rendered in the global cost of the operation. The « Financial Situation » tab allows for a follow-up of the financial progress globally, or by contract.

The generation of "reporting" table is possible as PDF or spreadsheet. By default the global financial situation is available for consultation, that summarises the amounts paid and to-be-paid.

Aperçu des demandes d'acomptes dans Profi


Before 2020 for public contracts, all companies will have to dematerialise their invoice via the CHORUS Pro portal.

In order to adapt to this legal obligation , GESPRO developed an interface with the CHORUS Pro API. After configuration, this addition, allows for a one-click deposit on CHORUS of the documents of the contracting authority, the company, or the contractor. The documents will have followed, beforehand, a safe chain of validation in GESPRO.

Many ways of transmitting the validated down payment status and its appendices (Payment certificate, price revision calculation details...) are available and will be discussed before configuration : transmission by the contract holder, the contracting authority, or the contrator.

Our aim is to propose a reliable and complete solution to all our users. Our points of contacts are here to counsel and accompany you in setting up this process.

Aperçu des demandes d'acomptes dans Profi