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Developed by actors of the building industry, GESPRO is a solution for construction projects.

From the contracting authority to the companies, the platform gathers all contributors on a common collaboration and exchange space.

The 4 modules of this platform complement each other to guarantee a global management of your construction works and to better serve your projects.

icone Centrinfo


Document Management

  • Documents exchange
  • Configurable tree view
  • Access rights management
  • Creation of unique and configurable identifiers
  • Documents versioning management
  • Online document viewer
  • Multi-criteria search
  • Pdf/Excel export
  • Reports management
  • Subscription/favorite notification system


icone Difdoc


Validation circuits

  • Validation workflows
  • Free configuration of validation circuits (1 to N levels / in parallel or in series)
  • Tracking table for the document's treatment progress
  • Documents' versions history
  • Tracking of a document's events and actions of its contributors
  • Multi-criteria search
  • Tracking table export (pdf/excel)
  • Statistics and states of validations
  • Automatic email reminders
  • Free management of notification canals
  • Possibility of reprography materialisation


icone Profi


Project financial management

  • Works progress and fees
  • Respect/reduction of completion time
  • Calculation automatisation (ex : revisions)
  • CCG compliance
  • Easier control and update of advancements
  • Satus edition for valid down payments
  • Advance management (CP0, rebate and et repayment)
  • Subcontractor management (Auto liquidation or not)
  • Configurable report table
  • Export of financial tracking table
  • Chorus PRO interface
icone Bimpro


Collaborative open BIM

  • Upload and syncronisation of each specialist's models
  • Intuitive 3D visualisation
  • Management of element dictionary
  • Model versionning management
  • Model sharing, analysis and improvement
  • « Conflicts » collaboration
  • Link between documents and model elements
  • Event history and tracking
  • Safe storage