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Actual tool for document management, CENTRINFO allows for a facilitated exchanges between all collaborators of a project. Its ergonomics and its ease of use guarantee a efficient and safe management of the documents and exchanges between all collaborators.

The documents are uploaded, identified and spread to the collaborators. The module is a safe and communal reference, where anyone can immediately find the information they need.

Filing and

Organised as an upgradeable and configurable library, CENTRINFO allows for uploading, filing and identifying via a unique identifier (freely configurable) all the documents deposited by the project's collaborators.

The solution's ergonomics allows for an easy tracking in the tree view and access to all features.

Consulting and
sharing your files
in an easy way

Each user, based on their rights, access the documents deposited on the project. Only the last versions of the documents are viewable and downloadable. The older versions remain viewable by displaying a project's archives.

The individual notification center and the favorites (subscription to a file's or a collaborator's actions) allow the user to choose the way they want to be notified of a project's information, according to their needs.

A feature of document sharing via link, allows for the quick broadcasting of documents with no concern for their size.

Finding information

The multi-criteria search system allows for the precise targetting of the searched documents.

Each search result can be exported as a PDF list or as a spreadsheet table.

When a project is over, all the documents are stored and returned on a flash drive.

Quickly viewing
a document


A simple click on the doc icon...
It recaps all the information...
Many possible actions:

  • Download the document
  • Upload...
  • Display-add comment


Sur le même principe que les documents au format PDF ou images, il est possible de visualiser un document au format IFC depuis CENTRINFO grâce à l'action "Visionneuse Bim" disponnible en bout de ligne du document