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Collaborative Open Bim
Visualisation - Control - Collaboration

Visualisation and collaboration tool around digital modeling, BIMPRO make BIM management easier and allows all the collaborators of a project to view, share and improve the different IFC models of each specialist, from a simple internet browser and without specific software.

A straightforward and collaborative way to work, without access restriction.


No matter the conception software used, BIMPRO allows all collaborators to contribute to a project by exchanging IFC models.
After having added their models on the platform, each collaborator can access the digital model of the building. They can view the 3D model as a whole or by specialty.
A few seconds are enough to upload IFC files, and there is no size limit.


Intuitive 3D visualisation

Accessible to all authorised collaborators, BIMPRO allows for the visualisation of the model from all angles in an easy and intuitive way. The navigation is fluid, no matter the configuration of the terminal used, or the amount of users connected.
The whole model is displayed by default, but sub-models can be displayed/hidden at-will. The main features of the viewer are as follow :

  1. Isolate elements (or selections)
  2. Hide elements (or selections)
  3. Make transparent
  4. Make cross-sections
  5. Pre-defined points of view (left, right, top, back, front...)
  6. Save points of view and file them in specific folders

All the features are accessible directly on the viewer or from the IFC tree view (content, elements, layer, type) by mouse click or keyboard shortcuts.

All the features are accessible directly on the viewer or from the IFC tree view (content, elements, layer, type) by mouse click or keyboard shortcuts.

Clicking an element (in the 3D view or the tree view) displays its details. They give all the information given by the creator of the model and integrated to the IFC file (Description, type, properties, quantities).

Intuitive 3D visualisation


The Centrinfo module, systematically deployed alongside BIMPRO, allows for a « classic » document managment. The documents shared during the project can be found there (PDF, Images, 2D…). These documents are identified by document family and they can be associated to the validation « workflow ». This way, they possess a favourable or unfavourablevalidation status . For EXE documents for example.


In BIMPRO, by selecting an element (eg : a door) or a group of elements (eg : the doors on the first floor), you can link documents stored in CENTRINFO. All along the project, the viewer in BIMPRO allows you to view the associated documents. This way, a door (a generic element), will be associated to the technical documentation.
The model is improved by the associated documentation. All this information is stored in our database and this link could allow the restitution of a digital archive when the project ends.

Annotations management
in BCF format

The annotations are managed in the BCF format. Each collaborator can annotate an element of the model and even assign this annotation to another collaborator. The aim is to improve collaboration by managing all questions and answers relative to the model directly on the platform, whether it be during the conception phase, or afterwards.

Features of the annotations:

  1. Localisation of the problem directly on the model's 3D view thanks to a saved point of view
  2. Title and comment (text)
  3. Annotation (free drawing and text writing directly on the model)
  4. Type : (Issue, Comment, Information, Task)
  5. Allocation to a collaborator
  6. Ongoing / Resolved (Follow-up status)

Annotations management<br>in BCF format

The annotations created this way are filtered by type (Issue, Comment, Information, Task) and follow-up status (Ongoing/Resolved). They can also be filtered by the problem's priority.
The advantage of the BCF format is that it can be read separately from the model. The IFC file is not required to read the BCF file. These BCF annotations can be exported and read on any other compatible software.

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